Live Birds

Custom Chick and Duck Orders - please contact us if you are interested in chicks or ducklings.

If we have any available birds ready to go, they will be listed below.

On-farm pick up preferred.  We can deliver on a limited basis and will include a delivery charge depending on distance of delivery.


Chicks & Chickens

We offer a barnyard mix of chicks

Different Rooster and Hen breeds below:

Roosters = Ameraucauna, Easter Eggers/Black Copper Maran

Hens = Easter Egger, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Brown Hyline, Welsummer


Ducklings & Ducks

We offer a selection of barnyard ducks.

Different Drake and Hen breeds below:

Drakes = Rouen, Cayuga

Hens = Rouen, Cayuga, Golden Layer