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Scottish Highlands, Chickens & Ducks

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Scottish Highland Cattle

Most of our Scottish Highlands are HHCA Registered and our bull is HHCA and AHCA Registered.

All calves are weaned, halter trained, and basic vaccinations given before they are sold.

We currently have no Highlands for sale.  Contact us for wait list options.


Chicks & Chickens

We offer a barnyard mix of chicks

Different Rooster and Hen breeds below:

Roosters = Ameraucauna, Easter Eggers/Black Copper Maran

Hens = Easter Egger, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Brown Hyline, Welsummer


Ducklings & Ducks

We offer a selection of barnyard ducks.

Different Drake and Hen breeds below:

Drakes = Rouen, Cayuga

Hens = Rouen, Cayuga, Golden Layer

Live Birds: Services
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