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Pastured Chicken & Duck Eggs

Our free-range, pastured chickens and ducks freely roam 5-acres during daylight, with free access to bugs, plants, worms and water.  The birds get a barn, with countless roosts and nesting boxes to spend their nights in that is predator proof, and outfitted with heating lamps and fans for the harsh Wisconsin winter and hot/humid summer temperatures. Our pastured chicken and ducks eggs are sold by the dozen. ​

Chicken Eggs $3.00/dozen

Duck Eggs $4.00/dozen

**local pick up only**

Pastured Whole Meat Chickens and Ducks

Our Cornish Rock Meat Chickens are pasture-raised in a chicken tractor.  A chicken tractor is a mobile coop that sits on grass for 100% of the bird's adult life.  The mobile coop is moved to a new location each day to ensure a fresh patch of grass with new insect and microbe life that the chickens feed on.  The chickens also work in harmony with our grass to provide fecal nutrient to the soil and scratching the topsoil to sow nutrients, aerate, and to improve soil quality.  Our chicken tractor provides each bird with 4 square feet of room within the coop, which is double the amount of space the USDA requires of 2 square feet.


Our Pekin Meat Ducks are pasture-raised, free ranging on 5-acres with free access to bugs, plants, worms and water.


Our pastured meat chickens and ducks are raised for 8-9 weeks, and processed right here on our farm, ensuring our chickens are stress free.

Whole Meat Chicken $2.50/lb 

Whole Meat Duck $4.00/lb

Meat Chickens range from 6-9lbs

**local pick up only**

COMING SOON:  Grass-Fed Beef

Our heritage breed Scottish Highlands are an incredibly feed-efficient breed that can convert grass into high quality beef better than the traditional Angus, that is found in the majority of US grocery stores.  The Scottish Highlands roam the grassy pastures that run adjacent to the Green River, which provides fresh, clean drinking water.  In the winter, the herd feasts on 100% grass hay harvested from conservation grass hay fields on the ridges of the Green River Valley.  You can't find grass-fed beef much more sustainable that that!

Please contact us for more details and pricing!

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Local delivery upon request (additional delivery fee may apply).  On-farm pick up preferred.


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